Let your surroundings move you

CoworkParadise is a Business Mastermind Retreat for successful entrepreneurs. Our mission is to bring the most ambitious people together and inspire them to pursue the most of themselves and the people around them. Together we share and learn and make it possible to change the world.

Brigitte van der Pluijm is the current owner of CoworkParadise. Michael Tesselaar and Lars Blokdijk co-founded CoworkParadise back in June 2015. Since 2015 we’ve put multiple groups of successful entrepreneurs from all over the world together in Bali, Indonesia. In 2020 our 6th and 7th edition are planned. 2020 will be our 5 th year anniversary.

Since we started CoworkParadise 7.000 people follow us on Facebook and 3.000 on Instagram, entrepreneurs from 16 different nationalities joined our retreats. You will find them at the alumni page.

Over the past years CoworkParadise has been in the media and several video’s have been made. The next section contains 3 videos  and 11 articles of CoworkParadise.

A few ways to hear more from us:

  • For all our news, check our Facebook page or Instagram.
  • For journalists with questions or to be added to our press list, email us here
    (Note: If you’re not a journalist, please don’t contact us through this email.)
  • If you want to apply, plan a skype call

Office Location:
 Waalwijk, The Netherlands (headquarters)

Retreat location: Canggu, Bali, Indonesia.

Minimum revenue to apply: $250.000

Different nationalities: 16


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In the Media

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Our Owner

Brigitte van der Pluijm

I’m the real-life example of how surrounding yourself with inspiring people, in different countries, can make a significant impact on your business and personal life. At the age of 45, I started to build a new network of inspiring people and entrepreneurs around me - resulting in a drastic life change and the takeover of CoworkParadise at 51. A company with a purpose and a vision that is identical to my own.

Before I owned CoworkParadise I was already interested in connecting with different people and learning from other cultures all over the world. However, until I was 45, I never changed my routines and just worked in different (leadership) roles in The Netherlands. 
During that period, in 2013, I noticed that the world was changing and saw newer generations entering our workforce - most of them with a totally different mindset. A way of thinking that’s more creative, more activistic, and more cross-functional - across borders. Inspiring! 

This helped me realize that this new mindset, combined with new technologies and a potentially global market, it is much more important to focus on your (company) compass. Why are you heading in that direction? And do you have the flexibility to respond to rapid change, if necessary? 
And I believe that Zooming out - taking some time physically away from your business - can unlock new ideas and insights that help you and your business move forward. 

I’ve made it my personal mission to provide the perfect mixture of conditions to help you discover new land and make inspiring connections with a diverse group of entrepreneurs in similar stages of business. Let your surroundings move your business, like it moved me to take over CoworkParadise.


Our Former Founders

Michael Tesselaar and Lars Blokdijk

Michael studied Small business & Retail management and followed a minor entrepreneurship in Bali. Michael speaks Bahasa Indonesia and is the founder and CEO of MijnCadeau, a Dutch company for customizable gifts.
Lars went from freelancer to founding three companies, among which is Vertellis, a game to play offline with friends. He knows everything about online marketing and loves to help people grow.
These former founders sold CoworkParadise to ensure the continuity of CoworkParadise. They both have developed their own companies, due to the knowledge and the network gained through participants of CoworkParadise.