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Work with like-minded, motivated and inspiring entrepreneurs in one of the most beautiful places in the world: Bali, Indonesia!

Work in a great atmosphere near the beach. Attend workshops from experienced entrepreneurs and eat the best food in the world.

We combine work, business growth, paradise, local culture and fun in Bali, so join the 6th edition of CoworkParadise for three weeks in February 25th 2020 or May 8th 2020*

CoworkParadise is named one of the 6 best business retreats in the world by TheUrbanList. Read the article here.

*Details such as price of the retreat you will find at the Summary page

Registration for the February retreat will close next 15th of December 



We provide entrepreneurs the tools to create personal and business growth. By sharing our knowledge as a collective.

We empower entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and change the world. We curate a place where entrepreneurs help each other and are able to connect on a different level.

We create a safe environment where people support each other in all aspects of life. We have strong selection criteria and only allow ambitious entrepreneurs.


Let your surroundings move your business and join this full-focus business growth program, including:

  • 10 other successful entrepreneurs, sharing = caring
  • Workshops and (adventurous) expeditions to trigger the brain
  • One on one sessions with a business coach
  • 24/7 coworkspace access
  • Breakfast and dinners, the best food is in Bali
  • Luxurious private accommodation, high-speed internet access and everything else you need to work whenever you want to

Total investment € 4.995,- excl. flight 




Before we can accept you as a CoworkParadise member, we would love to have a skype call and get to know you a little bit. You can ask us all the questions you might have. Simply click on the button to apply now! Only 11 spots, full=full!


As the founder of Danish Skin care, it is my dream to help everybody get a beautiful skin and smile. I couldn’t have a better time than the month I had with my coworkers in April. The energy that this smart group of entrepreneurs brings together was indescribable. It feels you like are not the only crazy guy out there working hard to realize your ambitions on a bigger level. I got a lot of insights and made 11 new friends who all run a successful business! I can’t put a number on it, but it is worth the money at least 10 times. I even started to collaborate with Lars and we now work together!

Mads Timmermans (Danmark)

CEO-Founder Danish skincare & Bestselling author

Coworkparadise October is my highlight of the year. It gave me a great insight into the path I would like to follow for my business and myself. I really loved the diversity within the group. Each of us was from a different country and was working on a different type of business. I never met so many new friends who have the same interest as I do. And we build up a worldwide network of people from nine different countries! And as a Fin, it is always nice to get out of the cold and dark world. Into a month full of sun and sea!

Pekka Matila (Finland)

Co-founder Campwire.com & Co-founder Digivallankumous.fi