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A Business Mastermind Retreat For Fellow Visionairs

Plug into a community of the ingenious, entrepreneurial and fiery. Co-work in a hidden oasis of progress. A place of equals to build, play and imagine your next move. A place to face your inner dragon. Be fortified and inspired by the stories of fellow visionairs out there. No bullshit. Interact, co-create and learn.

CoWorkParadise brings leading entrepreneurs together. You are united in a villa to co-work, learn and co-create with peers. During one week in paradise, you will befriend the brightest visionairs and business savvy practitioners out there. Everything is taking care of, no exceptions. 

Enjoy guided interactive workshops, listen to inspiring stories, dive into adventurous trips and embrace local context. Along the way, we steer in-depth interaction and offer a wide set of tools to equip you to maximise your experience. Book that single way to paradise. 

Q2 - 2018




Coworkparadise October is my highlight of the year. It gave me a great insight into the path I would like to follow for my business and myself. I really loved the diversity within the group. Each of us was from a different country and was working on a different type of business. I never met so many new friends who have the same interest as I do. And we build up a worldwide network of people from nine different countries! And as a Fin, it is always nice to get out of the cold and dark world. Into a month full of sun and sea! Pekka Matila (Finland)

Co-founder Campwire.com & Co-founder Digivallankumous.fi

As a business coach, I help people to get the most out of themselves. The environment where people are in effect the way you behave and how you think about your business. Being surrounded by 11 like-minded entrepreneurs is the best thing any business owner can do. Besides that the organization was really good, I love the way Lars and Michael take care of the group. You can see that they are successful themselves! Anna Shilina (South Africa)

Business coach & Author


Coworkparadise is all about creating powerful connections with like-minded, successful entrepreneurs.

Get ready to collaborate and mastermind with other successful entrepreneurs who are making at least 250k+ in revenue. We believe in the idea that “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”, so let’s surround ourselves with other smart, inspiring and ambitious people!


Experience is magnified by the people around you. Obviously, we curate and mix and match our members based on their entrepreneurial journey. A group of future friends. Only the bright and most diverse game changers can join. High energy guaranteed.

We curate based on:

Character   –   Drive   –   Business compass   –   Proven impact   –   Extra juice



Business compass

Proven impact


Connect with the right purpose, process en people to create and scale impact. We establish the connections in between. We steer (un) intentional interactions through creative sessions, workshops and adventurous expeditions. Peers will challenge your status quo and help to overcome obstacles. Together you will come up with future endeavours.

Work life balance   –   Design yourself   –   Entrepreneurship   –   Innovation/ Technology   –   Leadership   –   Aventure



Innovation/ Technology




Let us take you to our garden of Eden. Indulge yourself in exotic accommodations, delicious food, warm atmosphere at an unique location. No worries, we got you covered. 

Luxurious Riad – Delicious food – 24/7 staff  – Creative room – Fast Wifi

As the founder of Danish Skin care, it is my dream to help everybody get a beautiful skin and smile. I couldn’t have a better time than the month I had with my coworkers in April. The energy that this smart group of entrepreneurs brings together was indescribable. It feels you like are not the only crazy guy out there working hard to realize your ambitions on a bigger level. I got a lot of insights and made 11 new friends who all run a successful business! I can’t put a number on it, but it is worth the money at least 10 times. I even started to collaborate with Lars and we now work together! Mads Timmermans (Danmark)

CEO-Founder Danish skincare & Bestselling author

I had the privilege to join Coworkparadise in January 2016. As a CEO of a 29 employee, Alicante (Spain) based company, it is important to grow as a person and be able to get work done. I made friends for life, learned a lot and got great new inspiration for my business. I would recommend everybody to join Coworkparadise once in his life. Oh and don’t forget about the great talks during a Bintang! Elad Rodriquez (Spain)

CEO and Founder NITNETS


Our villa, located in the famous surf town of Canggu, is a collection of twelve beautiful rooms all overlooking a central garden and large swimming pool. Next to the pool, is a large central pavilion for you to lounge, relax and enjoy the company of your fellow entrepreneurs. At the villa, there is 24/7 staff to assist you at any time!

Close to the villa, you’ll find many different shops, spas, cafes and restaurants suitable for all types of tastes. Canggu itself is a magical destination, with some of Bali’s best surfing spots just a short drive away. There, you can surf, relax at the beach or simply enjoy Bali’s beautiful sunsets!


Michael is considered the king of execution. He is the founder and CEO of a successful E-commerce platform in the Netherlands. He is based in Amsterdam but runs his team of employees and factory from all over the world. He loves to help people get clear on their goals and passions in life and business. Let’s not talk too much about his dance moves in the early morning, that’s just something you have to witness yourself…

Feel free to get in contact with Michael:


Michael Tesselaar

Co-founder Coworkparadise

Lars is an online marketing ninja. This year he will pass the seven figure revenue milestone with his second company: Vertellis. This all while working remotely around Asia. If you want to supercharge your online marketing, sales funnels, email marketing, or SEO, then he is the man you want to hang around. Next to this, he brings the party to the next level… just play some music and it’s on!

Feel free to contact Lars:


Sem Carree

Co-founder Coworkparadise


Of course it can’t be all work and no play! Throughout the month, Coworkparadise will organize two amazing surprise group trips for you to experience more of the amazing things Bali has to offer.

Although it’s a surprise, we can tell you that you’ll discover hidden parts of and have an unforgettable day!

Check out a little video teaser of an adventure on one of our previous retreats!

Get Access to the Coworkparadise Alumni Community

Connect with all of the entrepeneurs who have joined Coworkparadise in the past.


Elad Rodriquez

CEO & Founder, Nitsnets


Rachel Dobinski

Founder, Evergreen Branding


Nicolas Jacobus

CEO & Founder, Scale, Belighted, Famest


Alexis Bassetto

CEO & Founder, Offpeakholiday


Tanja Sipilä

CEO & Co-Founder, World of TRE


Sam Feldman

CEO & Founder, Card Buddy Wallet


Gulnara Omarbekova

CEO & Co-Founder, Carlino


Christoph Renk

CEO & Co-Founder, IndieLemon GmbH & Co. KG


Mads Timmermann

CEO & Founder, DanishSkinCare


Rachel Dobinski

Founder, Evergreen Branding


Nicolas Jacobus

CEO & Founder, Scale, Belighted, Famest



CEO & Founder, Offpeakholiday


Roland Griesser

Developer, RG LTD

South Africa

Anna Shilina

Author, Business coach, Anna Shilina


Pekka Mattila

CEO & Founder, Campwire


Rafael Brochado

Founder, Livrosdidaticos.pt


Sherina Shamdasani

Life & Sport Coach, Free to Feel

The Netherlands

Djon Kleine

Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group


Remco Ros

Founder, 247MEDIA

The Netherlands

Bea Kuijs

TEDx speaker coach, Be a Diamond


Katherine Green

CEO & Founder, Elite Rentals

The Netherlands

Maurice Stam

Founder & Technical Engineer, Dutch Mill IT, Adyen


Alberto Pastor

Developer, NitsNets

The Netherlands

Rosanne van Staalduinen

CEO & Founder, Buro Staal


Yáiza Berenguer

CEO & Founder, Zador


Christophe van hoof

CEO & Founder, Fixit

The Netherlands

Frank Hollander

CEO & Founder, Data-extract


Lyudmyla Semkiv

Change manager, Cisco

The Netherlands

Joey Lai

CEO & Founder, Friendsknow.com


Frederik Lamote

Co-founder, Lovid

The Netherlands

Anne-lies Smal

Founder & Color coach, Bloei!


Vincenzo Lauretta

Full Stack Developer & Licence owner, Sense software


Elad Rodriquez

CEO & Founder, Nitsnets

The Netherlands

Annemiek van Luinen

Digital Nomad, Social media influencer & Graphic designer, Endless travel


Alvaro Yuste Torregrosa

Front-end Engineer & Professor, NITSNETS & EPS

The Netherlands

Maarten Veenstra

Full-stack developer, WEV


Guiseppe Pascone

CEO & Founder, Luxery Windows Italy

The Netherlands

Niels Bosman

CEO & Founder, Makkelijkafvallen.eu


Mikko Suomäki

CEO & Founder, Techlair Oy


Andrei Ursachi

Serial Entrepreneur, Proworkers


A full month of Coworkparadise includes:


  • Pick up from the Airport
  • Drop off at the Airport
  • A 1-hour Balinese massage on arrival
  • A local sim card with internet
  • 1 Surprise Group Adventure Trip
  • Incredible 3 day trip to Nusa Lembongan 15-18 October (island next to Bali)
  • Private Balinese Yoga classes
  • Local Balinese meditation classes

*Upon request, we can help you organize day & weekend trips, scooter rental and flights


  • Delicious Balinese and Western breakfast every day
  • Amazing group dinners from Sunday to Thursday 
  • Water and other non-alcoholic drinks 


  • Private room with king size bed for one month
  • Private Bathroom with rain shower
  • Free WiFi in the villa
  • Awesome swimming pool
  • 24/7 access to villa staff and security


  • Mastermind with 11 high-level entrepreneurs for one month
  • Free and unlimited access to the Coworkparadise alumni community
  • Access to all Dojo Coworking space workshops and community events


  • Full month of 24/7 unlimited access to Dojo Bali coworking space (Skype booths, air conditioned meeting rooms, cafe, lockers etc.)
  • Access to 60 MBPS wifi internet connection
  • Monthly high-level workshops hosted by Coworkparadise
  • 1-1 Brainstorm session to improve your business



October 1st – October 29th, 2017 (SOLD OUT!)

April 1th  – 29th of April 2018

Location: Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Cost: €4195

Deposit: €1000

(*excluding flights)

(* Coworkparadise can be written off as a business expense – we will send you all of the information your accountant needs)


We only accept 12 members. We can’t wait for you to join us, but before we can accept your application we need to meet you via Skype. We would love for you to schedule a call and submit your application so we can get to know you a little better and make sure we’re the right fit! You can ask us all the questions you might have.

Simply fill out the form, hit submit and schedule your call.

We can’t wait to meet you!


Our main goal is to have a profound effect on your life.

We seek to make an impact by creating the ideal environment for entrepreneurs to accelerate their business, create friendships and possibly even create partnerships for life.

Imagine working in a paradise-like environment alongside 11 other entrepreneurs from all over the world who are on the same journey as you.

You’ll have the opportunity to expose yourself to new cultures and different points of view which can accelerate your business with fresh perspectives. Our goal is to do all of this while having tons of fun and creating unforgettable memories and lifelong friends!


Where will we stay?

The accommodation we provide is a villa situated in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. Canggu is one of the most beautiful surf spots in the world. The villa is surrounded by magnificent rice fields and is located just a few minutes away from the sea.

Will there be access to fast internet?

Yes. The villa is equipped with Wi-Fi connection. Apart from that, everyone will have a full month membership to a local co-work space with fast Internet connection. All in all, you need not worry about access to the Internet; we too know how essential it is.

What is included in the price?

A beautiful and luxurious villa! Everyone will have a private room with a double bed and a private bathroom. Other including features are; scooter training, workshops held by entrepreneurs either from or based on Bali.

What about food?

If you have been to Asia before you must know that there is a big love for food. We’ll make sure you experience the local specialties but also enjoy the upper-class restaurants in our area! Canggu is full of great places to eat! We’ll show you around and pay for your dinner!

Who is joining?

If you are an online entrepreneur making more than 250K in revenue and can work exclusively on your laptop, then you can join this retreat.

What about the rules?

We provide the villa, the food, and the community. How your day is going to look like is entirely up to you; if you feel like taking a day off to do your thing, no one will tell you to do otherwise. However, the idea is that we are all coming together to work on our various businesses, to learn and connect with one another.