Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be access to fast internet?

Yes. The villa is equipped with Wi-Fi connection. Apart from that, everyone will have a membership to a  coworkspace with fast Internet connection. This is to ensure access to a good Internet connection. All in all, you need not worry about access to the Internet; we too know how essential it is.

What is included in the price?
An inspiring villa. Everyone will have a private room with a double bed and a private bathroom. Other including features are: access to 10 entrepreneurs with a lot of experience and knowledge, a membership in a co-work space, scooter training, workshops held by entrepreneurs, seminars in the businesscenter, two daytrips, bbq and partying. And don’t forget the sunsets, the awesome networking and the pool parties at the villa!

What about food?
If you have been to Asia before you must know that there is a big love for food. We’ll make sure you experience the local specialties but also enjoy the upper-class restaurants in our area! Canggu is full of great places to eat! We’ll show you around. Breakfast and dinner are included, as wel as the non alhocolic drinks in the villa and during dinners.

Who is joining?

If you are a successful entrepreneur with a minimum turn over of 250.000 you are able to apply. From all the people who apply, we will create the best possible group of entrepreneurs. If you are able to work remotely and can manage your company from your laptop, you can be one of the CoworkParadise Coworkers. Before we accept people, we interview them about their skills, level in business, ambition and knowledge. The final group only exists of successful and ambitious entrepreneurs from all over the world, men and women!

What about the rules?

We provide the villa, the food, the coworkspace and the people. How your day is going to look like is entirely up to you; if you feel like taking a day off to do your thing, no one will tell you to do otherwise. However, the idea is that we are all there to work on our various businesses, from a different place and thus a new point of view.

What’s a day like in CoworkParadise?
From 7 – 8 there is breakfast at the villa. At 8 am we have our morning start up talk, to set individual daily goals and see if someone needs help from within the group. After this talk people are free to go. Most go to work at the Dojo coworkspace or first choose to go to a yoga session or meditation session,  or take a surflesson or participate at bootcamp training at the beach (activities not included). You take lunch wherever you want and with whom you want (not included). Most people are in the coworkspace around lunchtime. A few times a week we attend workshops at 5 pm in the villa or at the coworkspace. We take you to dinner in different restaurants at sunday to thursday at 7 pm. In the weekend you are free to go wherever you want, or you’ll join us in a nice trip. Don’t worry we can arrange everthing. You’ll feel free, reload your battery and have an owesome time with likeminded entrepreneurs from all over the world! You work hard and get lots of energy and ideas from the group to boost your business.

What do you prepare in advance to CoworkParadise?

  • You book your own flight and inform us in time so we can pick you up at the airport in Denpasar
  • You need a pasport that has an expiring date with at least 6 months after the end of CoworkParadise
  • You arrange your own assurance
  • You need an international drivers licence. We use the scooter for transport. No worries we teach you how.
  • You need vaccinations, starting 2 months before coming to Bali. There is no malaria in Bali.