CoworkParadise is a Business Mastermind retreat for successful entrepreneurs. Our mission is to bring the most ambitious people together and inspire them to pursue the most of themselves and the people around them. Together we share and learn and make it possible to change the world.

Brigitte van der Pluijm is the current owner of CoworkParadise. Michael Tesselaar and Lars Blokdijk co-founded CoworkParadise back in June 2015. Since 2015 we’ve put multiple groups of successful entrepreneurs from all over the world together in Bali, Indonesia. 2020 is our lustrum in which we organize our 6th and 7th retreat.

Since we started CoworkParadise 7.000 people follow us on Facebook and 3.000 on Instagram, entrepreneurs from 16 different nationalities joined our retreats. You will find them at the ALUMNI page.

In the past years CoworkParadise has been in the media and several video’s have been made. At the PRESS page are 3 videos  and 11 articles of CoworkParadise. Recently CoworkParadise is named as one of the best business retreats of the world by TheUrbanList. You can check the article here.

Next retreats are in February 25th 2020 and May 8th 2020. 3 weeks can be a long time for entrepreneurs to be absent of work. Our experience tells us that you can manage a lot from abroad. And sometimes it helps being away, more than you think. Employees take care of problems themselves more often. You can have Skype meetings whenever you want. A lot of business owners told us: I should have done this more early. So if you are able to work remote or want to experience what it’s like to be a digital nomad for 3 weeks then apply. We only allow people who are entrepreneurs for some years now, make 250K+ in revenue and have had a skypecall with us. Max 11 spots per retreat. Registration for the February retreat ends at 15th December 2019.






Brigitte believes everybody should be free to work and learn in places where you'll be inspired in stead of limited. To see and explore other cultures and surroundings and meet inspiring and open minded people in a climate where you are encouraged to change the world.

She is based in the Netherlands, but lives longer periods in Bali.

She loves to help people get clear on their goals and passions in life and business and helps you with anything you need.

Are you interested or just not sure yet if this is something for you? Schedule a simple call with me and let's find out!

Brigitte van der Pluijm

Owner CoworkParadise


Before we can accept you as a CoworkParadise member, we would love to have a skype call and get to know you a little bit. You can ask us all the questions you might have. Simpy click on the button to apply now! Only 11 spots, full=full!